Aerial Platform Vehicle

The RSV Aerial Platform vehicle is designed for a wide range of rigorous outdoor industrial and construction applications. 
Built on a 1-Ton Pick-up, it provides outstanding mobility and agility. 

Equipment is supplied by Socage a leading global manufacturer of aerial platforms.

The leading boom can reach a height of 13 meters, an outreach of 7.20 meters and has a basket rotation of 90° both to the left and right. 

The basket has an automatic levelling system and can operate a total weight of 225kg.

Four foot high grade steel stabilizers or outriggers, provide essential lateral support and chassis levelling properties.

The SV Aerial Platform provides a safe working environment.
The basket is insulated to 1000V and is fitted with start/stop controls that link to the pick-up’s engine.
It is equipped with an emergency manual 
lever override control.
The bucket has a cabin collision system, boom angle sensors to prevent 
overturning and a boom overload warning system.