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Box Body Ambulance: Outside-the-box engineering

Our box-type ambulance provides a creative solution to the African problem of lack of infrastructure. A high roof for the patient area so the medical attendant doesn’t have to work doubled over. It is also fitted with a stretcher and mounting base, cabin ceiling services panel, double rear doors, a rear step, fiber glass, separate air conditioning and a fold-away attendant’s seat, with additional seatbelted bench seating for three.

We provide an extensive range of medical equipment depending on client requirements. It can also be fitted with a scoop stretcher and a spine board, extrication collar, head immobiliser, manual sphygmomanometer, portable defibrillator, premium recovery pack and oxygen tank.

The structure is designed so that all medical equipment fits snugly into the cabin and is securely fastened for everyday use in extreme conditions.

The RMAA South Africa Life Support Ambulance Box sports emergency LED lights, a siren & public address system, fire extinguisher and a standard rescue kit. The cabin interior can be equipped with additional fittings such as additional storage cabinets and a second medical attendant’s seat. The latest version includes a basin and air conditioning.

Developed in conjunction with peace-keeping forces and aid agencies, the entire unit can be shipped as a flat-pack and deployed in record time on any suitable base vehicle.

Flat-packs for easy and affordable distribution

Customised Fully Equipped Interior