RMA Special Vehicles – South Africa – Mining Trucks, Ambulances, Security, Police Vehicles

Mobile Service Vehicle

If you can’t come to the workshop, the workshop can come to you.

Our Maintenance Service Vehicle brings vehicle service to clients who are stranded mid-journey. So whether it’s faulty spark plugs, a dead battery, flat tires or an electrical fuse that needs replacing, this purpose-built modification for an OEM pilot project made vehicle maintenance more mobile. 

Tough, reliable, easy to lock and with many automotive solutions within arm’s length, the RMAA South Africa Mobile Service Vehicle included a replacement body ‘Service’ skid with storage, batteries, an inverter, lighting and a compressor.

The aim of this vehicle is to take our customised offerings to clients who are unable to bring their vehicles to our factory. Outfitted with a range of flexible equipment packages and designs based on customer-specific requirements, it takes our value-added customisations on the road.

Putting the mobility in mobile service

Customised Fully Equipped Interior