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Police Canopy

A canopy for any situation

Sometimes, the prisoners are hardened criminals. Sometimes an angry mob wants to get to the prisoners. The material strength and manufacturing quality of the Police Canopy need to be the ultimate barrier between order and chaos. At RMAA South Africa, we realise that effective law enforcement depends on ensuring the safety of drivers, prisoners and the public alike. 

Our strong and light steel canopies for police, customs and the private security sector makes sure that those inside stay inside, and those outside stay outside.

Best-in-class for rust resistance and ease of fitment, we design and manufacture lightweight steel canopies for most of the single-cab and double-cab OEMs used for this type of work. The RMAA South Africa mantra of attention to detail in design, engineering and manufacturing gets proven daily by our products in the field all across Africa.

Our lightweight steel offers heavy-duty security

Customised Fully Equipped Interior