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Staff Transporter Canopy

Comfortable and safe across any terrain

Improved health and safety regulations means the days of employers piling workers into the back of an open pickup truck and driving them to work are over. We designed and manufactured the perfect canopy for four to eight, filling a market need for a rugged, go-anywhere people carrier. 

The People Transporter Canopy uses our SAPS Police Canopy as a base. Raising the roof height, adding padded bench seats, comfortable backrests, seatbelts and functioning windows, the double cab version accommodates four seated passengers. We also have six- and eight-seaters for use on a single cab pickup truck.

Building contractors, municipalities, security companies, cleaning companies, medical facilities, farms and other agricultural enterprises, the Security Staff Transporter lets you turn your pickup truck into a go-anywhere people carrier for use in rough terrain.

Takes your staff where a minivan can’t

Customised Fully Equipped Interior