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  • Wherever you are

    RMA Special Vehicles is a leading global mobility solutions provider - from design to manufacturing to delivery to maintenance backup and parts supply. We work with a wide range of OEMs to be able to deliver modified vehicles across various categories and for a multitude of applications across all mobility sectors.

  • Whatever the job

    RMA Special Vehicles are manufactured for diverse applications including Emergency Rescue, Security, Industrial and Defense.

  • Engineered for Excellence

    Every RMA Special Vehicle is expertly engineered from the ground up at an RMA Automotive’s Global Competence Centers.

  • Trusted by OEM Partners

    Our manufacturing strictly follows all our OEM quality production processes, enabling RMA Special Vehicles to retain their OEM warranties.

  • A World of Support

    All RMA Special Vehicles are backed by an extensive parts distribution and global service network from RMA Automotive.

Mobility for Opportunity

RMA Special Vehicles works to provide our clients all over the world with mobility solutions built for the task at hand. With over 35 years of competence, all our projects are backed by expert design, engineering excellence, highly skilled production and development teams,  the latest manufacturing facilities and engineering equipment. We’re the trusted global partner to a range of sectors, whether it’s completing military missions, providing life-saving health support, helping maintain law and order or jumping into action in case of disaster.


Engineered for Excellence

Because we best understand the job you need to do, we can engineer the best solution: From innovative mobility concepts to high-quality production, our offering is underpinned by unrivaled engineering expertise. So whether it’s a specialized vehicle manufactured from the ground up or a high-volume fleet modification, we focus our design and engineering on the hundreds of job-specific demands that will be placed on the vehicle and the operators in the field, down to the smallest detail.

Mobility Solutions

Whether it’s building the strongest, lightest police canopy, turning an ordinary truck into a bulletproof CIT vehicle or turning a reliable van into an 4X4 conversion ambulance, our fully integrated platform harnesses the engineering, manufacturing, and performance expertise gained from our global operations. Whatever the mission, we deliver the mobility solution. And even while our customers’ mobility needs range anywhere from Life Support Ambulances to Cash-in-Transit Vehicles to Light Tactical Vehicles and even armored vehicles, our commitment to cutting-edge design and technology remains the same.

Full-Service Solution

Because we understand what job you need your vehicle to do, we work with our customers to provide a full 360-degree service: Vehicle Design. Manufacture. After-sales Service and Parts Supply. Technical Support and Training. Whatever it is to keep your mobility solution delivering, we’re with you all the way.


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