RMA Special Vehicles – Global



The RMA Special Vehicles Crime Scene Investigation Vehicle is a specialist mobile forensic laboratory. Designed for deployment to the scene of a crime, it assists forensic detectives in performing their duties by providing a laboratory on wheels, complete with storage and laboratory equipment.

Self-sufficient, with independent air-conditioning and heating, a built-in generator, interior and exterior electric sockets and work lights, the interior LED lighting has variable color options and a control panel from which to manage all electrical systems.

The vehicle provides a secure facility where evidence can be bagged, tagged and stored, eliminating the cumbersome and, in many cases, detrimental process of transporting evidence to an off-site laboratory. It provides for any number of specialized forensic equipment such as evidence and sample bags, jars, seals and labels, tents, screens, crime scene markers and tape, PPE equipment, crime scene tools, search equipment, DNA and drug testing equipment, body bags, laboratory equipment as well as cleaning equipment, chemicals and disinfectants. The vehicle provides secure loading and fastening for all items and equipment to be safely stored and transported.

Non-marking interior surfaces provide a smooth finish and the non-slip floors are  hygienic and easy to clean. Fitted with abundant shelving, soft-closing lockable drawers, storage benches and work tables, the van also has a medical fridge and built-in sink with hot and cold water. 


Customized Fully Equipped Interior