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The Ranger SV Light Tactical Vehicle can be built on any single cab or double cab such as the Ford Ranger 1-ton pickup, and was designed for defense and security operations and engineered with cutting-edge technology for use in surveillance operations.

Black Out Function

Designed for stationary observation or active surveillance, the operator can switch off all light-emitting and sound sources with the flick of a single switch: When the operator turns on “Black Out,” a series of smart modules activate and turn off their light sources or enter sleep mode. All passive systems also switch off to prevent any light illumination. Sound-emitting sources such as the horn and warning beepers also switch off.

While this happens, the primary vehicle functionality remains. The heating, ventilation and AC system (HVAC) operates normally, as does the engine and transmission. Power steering and all vehicle safety systems such as ABS/ESP/Airbag remain activated and function normally.

Convoy lights and infrared lights can be installed for defense customers.

Silent Mode

When a mission depends on stealth, it is critical not to be heard or seen. The silent mode transitions the power source from the combustion engine to the electric motor fitted on the rear driveline and powered by battery. This emits no engine sound or engine heat. Silent Mode doesn’t impact the internal combustion engine operation at all, and when needed, the engine can be quickly restarted.

The electric motor propels the vehicle at speeds up to 20 km/h, but higher speeds are possible on request, and the range is scalable by various battery sizes and ranges from 2-30 km.

3,500kg Increased GVM  

The suspension upgrade to 3,500kg Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) expands the operational uses of the vehicle and ensures enhanced handling and long-term durability under heavy loads and extreme driving conditions. This prevents fading and aging of the damping system under regular heavy operating conditions. 

The suspension upgrade stiffens the suspension system and also adds to safety by stabilizing and leveling the vehicle and maintains ride and drive quality. The upgraded hot rolled front foil was designed for high load and long life, while the heavy-duty multi-leaf rear suspension was designed for high load and minimum stress. The twin-tube foam cell dampers front and rear plus heavy-duty rubber and polyurethane bushes all increase stability and lifespan. 

The entire upgrade then undergoes extensive testing and tuning to meet or exceed the OEM dynamics. Both the ABS and ESP are tested and validated to maintain function with the new GVM. 

JP 8 Fuel Conversion

This allows a diesel-engine truck to run on all grades of diesel and even jet fuel. During the conversion, we replace the catalytic converter with a non-catalytic muffler system. The Exhaust Gas Return valve is blocked to prevent return exhaust from entering the EGR cooler, while the cooler itself remains in place. The conversion is also available in a hot-climate option. 

Software updates include recalibration of the Engine Control Unit (ECU) to deactivate the EGR sensor and delete the error codes from appearing. The recalibrated ECU also allows it to manage operations while the vehicle runs on various non-diesel fuels e.g. F63 and JP8.

Redefining Surveillance through Advanced Engineering

Customized Fully Equipped Interior