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Fuel & Emission (JP 8)


Ability for engines to run reliably and at high performance levels on dirty fuel or JP 8 jet fuel are common requirements for our commercial and defence customers. Modern diesel engines struggle to operate on bad fuel due to contaminants, heat values, cetane number or viscosity, which ruin the fuel delivery and control system. We adjust the emission control system to avoid clogging or malfunction. This means that when you are in a critical area of operation, your vehicle will keep performing. Get this wrong, and the results can be critical performance loss or even total immobilisation. ​

At every RMA Automotive Centre you will find vastly experienced automotive technicians and engineers. Thailand, South Africa and Dubai have a combined 55 years of experience in adapting engines to run on different fuels. We’ve delivered over 50,000 fleet vehicles converted for JP 8 fuel to global clients such as TACOM (USA) for use in Afghanistan, ARQUUS Defense (France), as well as for the United Nations. All our fuel conversions undergo extensive durability-testing on a test cycle that simulates 60,000 km on high-sulphur JP 8 fuel to ensure they are work-ready.

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