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RMA Special Vehicles 4×4 Van Conversions receive a specially engineered front differential, a new 4×4 transfer case, a 4×4 prop shaft and heavy-duty lower control arms.

Utilizing foam cell technology twin tube front and rear dampers allows continuous off-road operation without any risk of fading and maximum durability of the dampers.

The final drive has been adjusted to allow a better off-road controllability and provide the speed range required to operate the vehicle in 4×4 low range during extensive heavy off-road operation.

4×4 Conversions can be fitted out as field ambulances, personnel carriers, maintenance trucks, fire combat vehicles, patrol and rescue vehicles with a wide range of applications.

Many times your mission doesn’t stick to the asphalt. That’s why we provide 4×4 off-road solutions that can handle any load on any road.

Whether you need to move personel safely across rough terrain, provide life-saving ambulance services amidst crumbling infrastructure or transport goods and cargo, our 4×4 conversions are engineered with off-road suspension systems and heavy-duty braking that takes on any terrain.


  • Enhanced off-road capability, allowing your vehicles to
    navigate rugged landscapes with confidence and agility.
  • Improved reliability and durability, reducing maintenance
    costs and downtime.


Advanced 4x4 Solutions

Customized Fully Equipped Interior