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The Cash-in-Transit ATOM truck is fitted with Composite Ballistic Products and Protection Panels produced to stringent international industry standards. A 7-inch touchscreen controls the Human Machine Interface (HMI) which controls system configuration, feedback, mode control and code exchange and allows drivers to switch between Park Mode, Depo Mode, Secure Mode or SOS Mode.

RMA Special Vehicles has an in-house division which develops products for our range of Cash-in-Transit vehicles. The team focuses on innovation, development and production of Composite Ballistic Products and Protection Panels to stringent international industry standards. This part of our business enables our vehicles to be modified to be safe against bullets from handguns and even assault rifles. The panels are also anti-flammable, cut-proof, resistant to chemicals, humidity and blunt force attacks. This gives our CIT vehicles the edge, while keeping them within their original Gross Vehicle Weight operational spectrum.

The HMI is also used for monitoring the 8-camera CCTV system. The 1,080 pixel infrared, NVR Wifi/4G/LTE cameras provide an uninterrupted video feed to the Service Center. 

The HMI is also used as a distance limiter. A trip is capped at a preset distance (e.g. from the pickup point to the bank). Once it exceeds this distance, the alarm activates at the Service Center and the vehicle’s engine can be remotely disabled. 

Our CIT vehicles can also be fitted with run-flat tyres, typically with a range of up to 130km and a safe travelling speed of up to 100km/h even when flat. 

Door security is customised according to client demand. We offer combinations of RFID cards, door buttons and fingerprint readers or other biometrics. 

RMA designs the CIT vehicle around the client’s internal procedures, requirements and payload.


Customized Fully Equipped Interior