Introducing the Ford Ranger Light Tactical Vehicle

RMA Special Vehicles have developed a 4X4 Light Tactical Vehicle based on the Ford Ranger Double Cab 1-ton Pick Up, designed for both defense and civilian use. RMA Automotive, the manufacturers of RMA Special Vehicles have been building modified versions of the Ford Ranger for nearly two decades. The Mach 1 Ford Ranger security vehicle […]

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RSV cash-in-transit vehicles

RMA Special Vehicles Cash-in-Transit

RMA Special Vehicles and Technical Panels Special Vehicles (TPSV) have developed a range of Cash-in-Transit Vehicles (also known as CIT Vehicles) for security companies worldwide. TPSV was established in 1989 and became a subsidiary of RMA Group in 2019. Over the years, TPSV has grown steadily to become a world-leading supplier of innovative lightweight composite […]

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Inspecting the RSV Mobile Stroke Unit

RMA Special Vehicles have developed a state-of-the-art Mobile Stroke Unit, one of three on order for Sirarj Hospital. Thailand records about 50,000 deaths a year from stroke. Caused by an abrupt blockage of arteries leading to the brain, strokes are unpredictable, and their severity cannot always be ascertained at first glance. It is imperative that the patient receives medical attention as quickly as possible.

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Smooth Flow

Smooth Flow: A Simplified Approach to Lean Manufacturing

Successful manufacturing is all about minimizing waste and optimizing productivity. Many different tools have been applied over the years to enable the goal of Lean Manufacturing, including Kaizen, Visual Factory,
and Poka Yoke.

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The Product Development Challenge: Adaptation is Key to Survival

Stanley Chan, Global Product Development General Manager, has bee with RMA Automotive since 2008. Stanley leads the product development team with quick, lean turnaround in mind. He has been at the forefront of some of RMA Automotive’s most successful projects

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