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The Mobile Stroke Unit (MSU) was built by RMA Special Vehicles in collaboration with Siriraj University Hospital and has found much acclaim in medical circles. In 2023 it was awarded the grand prize at the invention symposium, WorldInvent Singapore.

In the case of a stroke, early treatment is essential to ensure the best rate of patient recovery. Purpose-built with a CT scanner on board and connected via ultra-fast 5G to the neurologist, the MSU allows for radiological diagnosis, evaluation, and effective early treatment of stroke patients.

The MSU is stationed at satellite locations with easy access to main roads and highways that can be easily reached by ambulances to cut down on transfer times.

Aside from the CT scanner, the medical interior is outfitted with computer systems and other specialist equipment. A specially designed access ramp moves the stretchered patient into the ambulance interior. Power is provided by independent inverters while integrated stabilizers are deployed to create a perfectly steady environment. 

Our 4×4 Off-road Ambulance is kitted out with a main stretcher and ramp, foldable rear step, flip-up attendant seat and a bench seat for four. Interiors are customisable, but in previous projects, a fleet of RMA Special Vehicles 4X4 ambulances currently in service with the Sri Lankan Ministry of Health was fitted with medical cabinets and a wash basin with a 10L water tank. Hygienic and easy-to-wipe aluminum interior panels provide noise & heat insulation for greater occupant comfort. The patient area has an anti-bacterial, anti-slip floor.
Electronic features include Reverse Gear Camera, Power Sliding Side Step, Exterior Emergency Lights and Siren and PA System. There is an AC power supply 1,000W
(110V or 230V) with power sockets fitted inside and a battery recharger with external power inlet socket.

A One-of-a-kind, affordable mobility solution

Customized Fully Equipped Interior