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RMA Automotive South Africa powers innovative mobility solutions across Africa.

Africa’s vast landscapes and challenging terrain demand unique mobility needs. It is also a continent filled with potential for economic growth and business development.

If you do business in Africa, pick a partner who can get the job done. RMA SV is the leading specialist in the development and production of innovative mobility solutions across Africa. With our experience and our new Vehicle Modification Centre in Pretoria, we’re perfectly poised to provide mobility solutions for businesses throughout Africa.

We’re working towards supporting the African region with vehicles, parts, after-sales service and warranties.

Hello Africa.  

How we “Afri-can”

RMA SV Africa backs up our can-do attitude with 15 years of reputation-building projects and the best technical designers, engineers and machinists out there. Combined with our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, we’re making inroads into Africa. 

With our engineering expertise and manufacturing capability, we specialise in the following:


Experience Over the past 15 years, we’ve become a trusted brand to our OEM partners in Africa. We’re a Tier 1 supplier to Ford, and we’ve expanded our capacity to deliver African mobility solutions from our new 1000m2 Vehicle Personalisation Centre.
Engineered for Excellence First we listen to your needs. Then our engineers design and develop the ultimate solution using 15 years of built-from-the-ground-up expertise. Without compromise.
Built “Africa-tough” You buy our modified vehicles for only one purpose: To work and keep on working. A breakdown means downtime or an unsuccessful outcome. That’s why we build every modification to last. So you can rest assured it’s ready for whatever the African work environment can throw at it.
Safety First When you use a Qualified Vehicle Modifier, all the safety features of the original OEM vehicle remain intact while you’re assured of a quality modification each and every time. So whether it’s a police van canopy or a Roll Over Protection System (ROPS), we know that quality of work and safety go hand in hand.
A World of Support Because we have qualified coachbuilder or Vehicle Manufacturer Agreements with our OEMs, all the original OEM warranties stay intact when RMAA South Africa does your modification. And while the OEM warranties apply on the vehicle, we also guarantee our modifications to run concurrently with the OEM warranties.
Value Because we procure and manufacture in South Africa, you get more mobility solutions for your money than almost anywhere else in the world.
ISO-certified and OEM-Qualified (QVM) All our modifications are fully ISO-certified. RMAA South Africa is also building an unbeatable reputation as the mobility solution provider of choice for major OEM brands because our modifications comply with the OEMs' safety, quality and manufacturing standards, processes and controls. We offer a variety of warranties on non-OEM items that we modify or fit.
Sustainability and Productivity Sustainability and productivity go hand in hand at our plant. We’ve recently installed a 15.2 kilowatt hybrid solar system that prevents downtime during load shedding and also produces significant power savings. During an average month of sunshine, RMAA South Africa produces 75% of the total electricity we consume in our entire facility, including all production processes. And while the roof harvests solar energy, our shop floor has a lean manufacturing system in place ensuring efficient workflow and minimal wastage.
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