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RMA Automotive Announces the Launch of RMA Paint

  • RMA Automotive announces launch of RMA Paint
  • RMA Paint is contained within RMAA’s Assembly & Distribution Center
  • Military camouflage, infra-red, special edition and end of line paints
  • OEM quality finish
  • 3,800 vehicles per year output

Bangkok, March 22nd, 2022 – RMA Automotive (RMAA) have announced the launch of RMA Paint with the opening of a  new paint facility located within RMAA’s Assembly and Distribution Center in Laem Chabang, Thailand.  The state-of-the-art paint facility offers customized paint solutions to RMAA’s customers, OEMs, dealers and fleet owners, both in Thailand and across the world.

RMA Paint offers customers an infinite range of colours and is not constrained by the normal operating limits of an OEM’s production facility. OEMs can benefit in this way by having access to end of range colours or special and limited edition colours, without increasing their plant complexity. Other specialized paint products are matt paint as well as military camouflage and infrared reflective paint.

Corporate customers can order paint colours that are made up exactly to their corporate colour palette. They also can work with RMAA’s in house designers to develop matching branding and decals, and have these printed and applied – all as part of a one stop service offering.

Seb Robertson, General Manager Modification Sales for RMA Special Vehicles, praised the facility. “RMA Paint lets us give our customers even more choices when they order their fleet vehicles from us.  Vehicles can now be specially painted and branded all under one roof at our  manufacturing plant, thereby increasing efficiency, ensuring highest quality standards and cutting down on costs.”

RMA Paint facility incorporates the latest application technology to give an OEM quality finish. The sanding booth utilizes vacuum orbital sanders and a booth air flow system that removes the air through a water filter. Unwanted dust is trapped to reduce the risk of contamination.

A unique spray and bake booth system enables vehicles to remain in the booth during the spraying and baking process, thereby eliminating exposure to dust from the outside air.

Hydraulic lifts position paint technicians at the perfect place and at hard to reach angles anywhere around the vehicle. 

The booth is designed with a voluminous interior to accommodate high roof trucks, vans and minibuses. Current capacity stands at around 3,800 vehicles per year.


RMA Paint  

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About RMA Special Vehicles

RMA Special Vehicle Modifications are performed on a wide range of vehicles for a variety of different applications. Categories include  Emergency Rescue (Ambulances, Medical Transport, Fire Rescue & Police), Security (Defense, Security, Cash-in-Transit), Industrial (Commercial & Mining), and RMA X (4X4 and Right-hand Drive conversions, off-road modifications and accessories).

RMA Special Vehicles are expertly engineered, from the ground up. Engineers develop the prototype with purpose-built parts, which is then extensively tested before it enters production.

RMA Special Vehicles are produced at RMA Automotive’s global manufacturing plants, with the headquarters and largest facility located in Thailand. Global manufacturing plants are also located in Myanmar, Turkey, Dubai, South Africa and Australia.

Specialists in the manufacture of Cash-in-Transit Vehicles, RMA Special Vehicles use class leading modification techniques such as patented ultra-light composite materials for their ballistic grade bullet proofing.

RMA Special Vehicles are fitted with tailored solutions and unique safety innovations, developed by RMA Automotive for a wide range of applications from Industrial to Defense and anything in between.


About RMA Automotive

RMA Automotive is a major global supplier of a wide range of special modified vehicles, fleets, accessories, parts, after sales support and technician training. RMA Automotive has been producing Special Modified Vehicles for over 30 years, with over 100,000 vehicles delivered globally. RMA Special Vehicles dominate in their category of robust and tough vehicles, suited to a range of applications and diverse customer needs. Large fleet customers such as Governments, international  aid organizations, and private multinational companies rely on the large-scale capacity and high quality standards of RMA Special Vehicles.

RMA Automotive, is headquartered in Thailand, at the 90,000m2 Assembly & Distribution Center, in Laem Chabang Free Zone. RMA Automotive has manufacturing facilities in Turkey, Dubai, South Africa and Australia. 

About RMA Group

Headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, RMA Group employs over 8,000 people and has an operational presence in 14 countries globally. RMA is the partner of choice for leading automotive, equipment, services and food brands in Southeast Asia and beyond. Operations are special vehicle manufacturing, automotive distribution, retail and fleet hub services; heavy and agricultural equipment distribution, food franchises and engineering services. RMA Automotive manufacturing plants are situated in Thailand, Turkey, Dubai, South Africa, Myanmar and Australia (Minecorp). Ford Global Fleet Sales, the global export distributor for Ford, has offices in the US and Dubai.www.rmagroup.net