RMA Special Vehicles – Global



RMA Special Vehicle’s 4×4 Light Tactical Vehicle is built on a 1-Ton Pick Up, designed for defense and security operations. It can be fitted with a range with a range of features including front protection bar with integrated high beam spotlight, tailored canopy, radio racks, drop side trays, side utility boxes, roof rack and mesh window guards. It can also include a heavy-duty fuel filter, coolant block heater, dual batteries, ling range fuel tank, pintle hook mounts, rear heavy-duty bumper with swing arm and jerry can. The result is a Light Utility Vehicle with a formidable presence in the field. The upgrade SORV suspension ensures best handling and occupant safety in the most grueling of environments.

Black Out Function

Enables covert surveillance by instantly deactivating all light and sound sources while preserving essential functions such as HVAC and safety systems. The Night Vision Capability enhances visibility in low-light environments using infrared sensors and thermal imaging, ensuring real-time detection of threats.

Silent Mode

Facilitate stealth operations by transitioning to an electric motor powered by a battery, allowing for quiet movement with customizable range options.

Advanced adaptive technologies
for your defense operations

Customized Fully Equipped Interior