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Not all off-roading is for fun. At RMAA South Africa, we make off-roaders that can get to work in Africa. Because when you need a heavy hauler to get specialist equipment into places without roads, you need a mobility solution that can handle hard knocks.


Four-wheel drive (4WD) drivetrains are able to provide torque to all four of the vehicle’s wheels simultaneously, thereby improving traction in the wet, slippery, muddy, rocky or rutted and potholed roads of Africa.

Especially when it comes to heavy vehicles carrying loads, 4WD becomes necessary for better grip and more control. Everyone knows 4WD pickup trucks are great for recreational off-roading on rutted, rocky and steep tracks. At RMAA South Africa we’ve used our engineering and manufacturing experience to build a 4WD Game Monitoring Vehicle.

Both the Ford Transit V363 and Ford Transit 470 ELB (Extra Long Wheelbase) can be used as base vehicles for these ground-up 4X4 conversions.


Working with our colleagues RMA SV in Thailand, we re-engineered the drive-train, added a custom-made front differential, a custom 4WD transfer case and a custom 4WD prop-shaft. We upgrade the trusty Ford Transit with off-road suspension, heavy-duty braking and off-road strength lower control arms. 

The result is a heavy-duty van (Gross Vehicle Mass of either 3.5 or 4.5 tons) with 700mm water-wading capacity, superior off-road capability, and loads of space for specialist end-user customisation to offer unmatched versatility, practicality and affordability. 


Words like “engineering expertise” and “manufacturing excellence” are easy to throw around, but when you’re hundreds of miles from anywhere with a hard job at hand, is when they start to mean something.  

We take pride in the work we do, our facility, equipment and experience with complex 4WD modifications. 


Built for the Wild

South Africa and Africa has giant game farms and national parks, requiring go-anywhere mobility solutions for tracking and monitoring equipment and technology for wildlife management, relocation, breeding programs and medical treatment. 

The first 4×4 conversion projects completed at our new facility in Pretoria, these vans were fitted out according to the customers’ specifications: These included a self-contained workstation located behind the driver’s cabin. The workstation was fitted with air-conditioning, a fridge, wooden flooring, a work table and customised storage cabinets.

The rear storage area was outfitted with a generator and full electrical system that could run off the generator or plug-in power. Further additions are jerry can holders, exterior and interior work lights and custom interior cladding and finishes.

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