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Elevate Your Payload Potential

With its impressive design, the all-new Drop-side Tray from RMA Automotive South Africa, a specialist vehicle modifier is causing quite a stir and turning heads on the streets.

This new design replaces the OEM Load Box with increased functionality and volumetric loading space of a standard single cab or extra cab pick-up.

The Drop-side Tray is currently available for the Ford Ranger (both new and previous generation), and the Toyota Hilux. With an in-house engineering team dedicated to innovation, RMA Automotive South Africa is also developing custom Drop-side Trays for other brands and vehicle models, promising even more exciting options soon.

  • The Drop-side Tray allows forklift access to any side of the vehicle, as you can drop all three sides down.
  • The tray design increases the load footprint by removing the wheel arches found on the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) models. This improvement allows the single cab version to load up to 2 pallets.
  • The drop sides are easily removable, providing a completely flat deck option.
  • The tray is built in accordance with the OEMs Body Builders Guide, ensuring that the vehicle retains its original rated carrying capacity of 1,000Kg.


The Drop-side Tray is built to last, with a strong and reliable mild steel construction.

To ensure durability and long-lasting performance, the tray is protected against rust with all steel E-Coating and Powder Coating in a variety of colours, including the popular white, silver, and black. This not only provides a stylish finish but also ensures the tray is protected against the elements, making it ideal for use in all weather conditions.

The tray also features a heavy-duty 16mm Marine Ply floor, treated, sealed, and protected to offer improved wear and load grip. This ensures the tray can withstand heavy loads and provides a reliable surface for carrying various items. Additionally, the tray comes equipped with a heavy-duty headboard that provides protection from moving loads and can support long loads such as pipes and poles.

To further enhance its functionality, the tray is fitted with heavy-duty D-rings that are securely mounted into the load tray for load fastening. These D-rings make it easy to secure your loads safely and securely, providing peace of mind when transporting items.

Overall, the drop-side tray from RMA Automotive South Africa is a durable and reliable option for those needing a high-quality load-carrying solution.

Versatile Performance, Tailored for Success

The new Drop-side Tray is designed for commercial and industrial applications. It is ideal for small business owners such as garden services, furniture removals, general contractors, outdoor enthusiasts transporting motorbikes or quads, and courier services handling larger items.

Generation 2

RMA Automotive South Africa has announced the launch of Generation 2 in March 2023 and brings a host of upgrades to the existing product line. These upgrades include press lock stowage compartments for ropes and straps, additional side paneling to improve aesthetics, and updated rectangular LED lights. With these improvements, Generation 2 promises to offer even greater functionality, performance, and style.

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