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Mine Site Vehicle

Solutions you can trust with your life

Due to the quality of our in-house design, expertly sourced components and fitment expertise, we’ve become the trusted supplier of mining mobility solutions in Africa. With 15 years of experience and thousands of work-hours in the harshest conditions in Africa, our clients know they can trust us with the lives of their workers.

To protect and defend your human and material assets, we equip your mine site vehicles with interior or exterior ROPS (Rollover Occupant Protection System), rugged exterior and interior protection, reinforced bed platforms, specially enhanced suspension and heavy-duty wheels and tires. We fit multiple brands of ROPS e.g. HALO™ and Jadem.

What is ROPS and why use it?

A Rollover Occupant Protection System is a framework of metal bars specifically engineered to fit a specific make and model of vehicle and installed to ensure the occupant survival space remains intact, thereby preventing injury and death if the vehicle rolls. It can be installed in any vehicle, but is commonly used in mining vehicles, police cars, ambulances and rescue vehicles. ROPS should only be fitted by accredited installers. 

ROPS saves lives and accidents happen. Considering these two facts, this additional operating cost prevents the loss of human life and accompanying reputational, financial and emotional damage for your company to deal with.

Stop accidents from becoming disasters

Customised Fully Equipped Interior