RMA Special Vehicles – South Africa – Mining Trucks, Ambulances, Security, Police Vehicles



RMA Automotive South Africa moved into their new Head Office in early 2022, and as with most businesses in South Africa, backup power options were put high on the list of priorities.

With load shedding being a fact of life, and planned electricity outages alone reaching 6 hours a day,  a robust long-term solution to ensuring productivity was required.

The decision was made to install a Hybrid Solar System. The 15.2kW system comprises 28 solar panels a 12kV three-phase inverter and 20kWh worth of lithium-ion batteries, supplied and installed by NexSolar, a reputable South African solar solutions provider. 

This Hybrid Solar System not only mitigates the effect of load shedding but results in producing significant power savings, so much so that in the month of August, RMAA SA was able to produce 66.5% of the total electricity the business consumed.

RMAA SA’s decision to go green was logical in terms of reducing energy costs and ensuring an uninterrupted electricity supply, therefore preventing downtime due to load shedding. On top of this RMAA SA is doing its part in contributing to a cleaner environment.