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Vehicle Personalisation


Our Vehicle Personalisation service offers OEMs outsourced fitment services so they can expand their range of factory-fitted personalisations without diluting their production lines. So whether it’s a canopy, a hard tonneau cover, etching or any other personalisation on your OEM brand, we’ll come fit it at your factory.

Building the relationship, one bolt at a time

We believe in forging long-lasting and flourishing OEM partnerships based on quality of work and mutual excellence. Our experienced technicians deliver consistent work of the highest quality – no exceptions. Maybe this is why we’re a tier 1 parts supplier to Ford Motor Company SA. 

Benefits for OEMs

Because we send a team of qualified technicians to your factory to do the additional fittings, the OEM doesn’t need to train additional workers, nor transport vehicles to another production line. 

This means they keep their production line going at full capacity, yet also strengthen their brand by offering end-users a wider range of factory-fitted extras. We offer the following fitment and personalisation services:

Engineering Experts

Special Vehicle Modifications
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