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RMA Automotive South Africa is an authorised HALO™ ROPS installer.

Using the patented HALO™ Rollover Occupant Protection System on your fleet of vehicles will ensure that you’re protecting your occupants with the best possible system and significantly reducing the likelihood of injury to those occupants.
RMA Automotive South Africa installs HALO™ ROPS in Mine Site Vehicles

Elevate. Integrate. Reinstate.

The HALO™ functions by tying all of the underlying vehicle’s vertical pillars together and reforming the vehicle’s trapezoidal cross-sectional shape while drawing on the internal reinforcement’s added vertical support.

The HALO™ is a dynamically tested ROPS that maintains the Major Radius and minimises Roof Crush and Occupant Injury.

The HALO™ Rollover Occupant Protection System is developed by Safety Engineering International.

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Minimizing Risks, Maximizing Peace of Mind

HALO™ is a comprehensive design which consists of an optimised tubular structure mounted to the roof of the vehicle, similar to a roof rack,  so there are no roll bars inside the vehicle to cause injury. The B-Pillar reinforcements are fitted under the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) plastic or trim, so there are no visible internal parts to injure occupants or impede entry or egress. HALO™ is designed to be light weight and not contribute to the rollover propensity of the vehicle. This also means you can utilise the full payload of the vehicle for your equipment and not a bulky ROPS.

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