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Suspension Upgrade​s

RMA SV Global have proven expertise in purpose-designed suspension systems to tame any work environment. 

Being able to focus on suspension modifications allows the OEM to save costs in their production line while expanding the range of operation profiles for their vehicles. ​

Once we know the entire range of customer applications of the vehicle, RMA Automotive gets to work on the suspension. Our heavy-duty upgrades for Defense or commercial clients include fitment of twin-tube dampers, strengthened lower control arms and multi-leaf spring suspension. We also do entire suspension rebuilds and increased clearance on our 4WD Ford Transit projects.  ​

​Every enhanced suspension system is ISO 3888 and ISO 7401-tested. The ISO 3888 test puts the vehicle into a sudden and severe double-lane change manoeuvre to test road-holding and vehicle dynamics while the ISO 7401 tests lateral transient response in vehicles. The vehicle has to meet or exceed performance levels of the OEM suspension. After on-road testing, the vehicles are off-road tested on a high-speed gravel track before further fine tuning is done by using a professional handling test track. ​

Vehicle durability testing can also be performed when required.

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Special Vehicle Modifications
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