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RMA Automotive South Africa are currently fulfilling an order to add safety equipment to 57 Ford Rangers for Seriti Coal. This is being done in partnership with Eastvaal Ford Secunda, with whom we have a longstanding business relationship.

The order consists of the modification of 47 double cab and 10 single cab vehicles to be used on the Kriel and New Vaal Open Cast Coal Mines. These have been modified in line with the SA Class Three Light Mining Vehicle Specifications with additional features requested by the customer. In addition, all double cab vehicles have been fitted with the HALO ROPS system.

The HALO is developed to be the most effective and economical means of mitigating deaths and injuries in rollover crashes. It consists of an optimized tubular structure mounted on the vehicle roof similar to a roof rack in combination with internal pillar reinforcements that stay within the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) plastic trim to maintain the interior space and appearance. The ultimate goal of the HALO ROPS is to protect the occupants of vehicles against injury or death in the event of the vehicle rolling.

By using RMAA-SA, a Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) to fulfil the order, Seriti benefit by retaining their full OEM warranty, despite the high degree of modification.

Seriti is a broad-based, 91% black-owned and controlled South African energy company, underpinned by coal.