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Improved health and safety considerations are causing employers today to take a long hard look at ways of safely transporting their employees.

This project was the first of its kind for RMAA-SA and the three canopies ordered by PGC were delivered in record time.

Not only does the method have to ensure that they are safe and sound in the vehicle transporting them but they must also be adequately protected from the elements. The days of piling into the load bin of an open bakkie are behind us and we have to find better solutions to ensure our people’s safety.

While a minicab bus may offer a solution for transporting fairly large groups, when it comes to conveying small numbers of people, say between four and eight, there is basically not a lot of choice available in the marketplace. Furthermore, most of the people carriers out there are not as rugged as some clients may require.

New health and safety regulations mean new mobility solutions are required.

Our research has shown that there is a growing need for canopies like this that can be fitted to bakkies in the Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux ranges. We are convinced our Transporter Canopies will revolutionise the way small numbers of people can be safely conveyed not only on the city streets but especially when these vehicles have to travel over rough terrain. We are very excited about our new product and foresee that our Transporter Canopy will be of great benefit to municipalities, security/guarding companies, building contractors, medium-sized businesses, medical facilities, farms and other agriculture-related enterprises. The list is almost endless.

The attached pictures of the Transporter Canopy as fitted on PGC’s double-cab bakkies as well as the six and eight-seat versions we have available speak for themselves.