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New Vaal opencast mine and its sister Colliery Kriel (owned by the Seriti Resources Group) gave us the brief to provide a mining conversion to 47 of the standard Ford Ranger twin cab and 10 single cab bakkies.

These have been modified in line with South Africa’s “Class 3 Light Mining Vehicle Specifications” with extra features requested by the customer. In addition, all double cab vehicles have been fitted with the HALO™ rollover occupant protection system.

This system has been developed to be the most effective and economical means of mitigating deaths and injuries in rollover crashes. It consists of an optimized tubular structure mounted on the vehicle roof (similar in appearance to a roof rack) in combination with internal pillar reinforcements that stay within the original equipment manufacturer plastic trim to maintain its interior space and appearance. By using RMAA-SA (which is a Ford qualified vehicle modifier (QVM)) to fulfil the order, Seriti Resources benefits by retaining the vehicles’ full QVM warranty, despite the high degree of modification.

Further, these vehicles are favourites in the mining industry’s security sector because they have been modified to the B6 Standard, which means the vehicle’s bodywork modifications have been thoroughly tested to be resistant to bullets fired from R1 and AK47 assault rifles. Work on this aspect of the conversion was expertly carried out by SVI Engineering which is Ford Motor Company SA’s official partner for this category of vehicle modification.

According to SVI, B6 is the highest level of civilian protection allowed in South Africa without having to apply for a special permit. It is designed for the “valuables-in-transit industry” as well as for high-profile individuals who require particularly effective protection.

Special armoured steel plates in the doors, pillars, firewall, the rear of the cabin, the front fenders and 38mm armoured glass on these Ford Rangers provide maximum protection. Additional “Ford Approved” armouring includes roof and floor armouring, a bull-bar and ballistic grill, a run-flat ring system for the tyres and a compact public address system. The bakkie’s suspension has also been upgraded to take on the 650kg extra weight of the modification.

The vehicle pictured here is one of the last of the 57 unit Ford Ranger deal we did with Eastvaal Motors, Secunda. (Refer to our previous blog: RMA Automotive SA Modify Mining Vehicles for Seriti Coal