RMA Special Vehicles – South Africa – Mining Trucks, Ambulances, Security, Police Vehicles



RMA Automotive South Africa (RMAASA) have moved into their new stand-alone Vehicle Modification Centre.

Located in the Silverton automotive manufacturing hub northeast of Pretoria, the newly purchased 1,500m² facility will be dedicated to the development of RMAASA’s vehicle modification business and supply of RMA Special Vehicles.

At the same time, RMAASA’s Ford Vehicle Personalisation facility will relocate to its newly built premises within Ford Motor Company Southern Africa. It will operate independently from the
Modification Centre.

RMAASA’s new Modification Centre has a single manufacturing floor of 950m 2 , and a storage and parts facility. Offices, meeting rooms, and the engineering studio make up an additional 310m 2 and are located on the upper mezzanine level. All of RMAA-SA’s administrative, HR and financial operations will be housed at the facility with twelve permanent staff having been relocated here.

Brendan Londt, Country Manager for RMAASA points out, “We are ready to partner with any of the South African OEMs, fleet owners and dealers. We can deliver outstanding products that are engineered in house according to our customer’s requirements. Our engineering and manufacturing strengths are now complemented by our ‘fit for purpose’ facility making it the perfect new home for RMA Special Vehicles”.

The additional production space and parking will raise output capacity significantly compared to the previous facility which had been located within Ford Motor Company, and with the added benefit of now being able to work on all brands of vehicles. Outdoor vehicle storage is available for up to twenty vehicles in front of and behind the building.

RMAASA recently achieved BBBEE Level 4 status which enables it to bid for lucrative Government and parastatal vehicle tenders as well as on a wider range of jobs partnering with other BBBEE compliant customers.

RMAASA has long standing relationships with many OEMs and fleet owners and has a long track record of producing a range of special vehicles such as mine site vehicles, security and police vehicles for the South African market.