RMA Special Vehicles – South Africa – Mining Trucks, Ambulances, Security, Police Vehicles



Following last week’s announcement of the launch of our new RMAA SA Head Office, this Monday the 22nd March 2022 will be remembered as the first day of production in the new FMCSA VMC.


This state of the art Modification Centre is the new home to the RMAA SA Production and Quality team as we continue providing accessory fitments to Ford Rangers destined for both local and export markets.

The FMCSA VMC has been designed in preparation for the launch of the new Ford Ranger in South Africa, later this year.  It is conveniently and strategically located in the FMCSA Transport yard for easy access to vehicle carriers and trains to Durban.  The facility boasts a production floor of 2700m² and a 900m² warehouse.

The facility includes a 60m² ‘Squeak and Rattle track’ for additional Quality Assurance.  Not only will our teams have incredible facilities, but all quality tracking and reporting systems are state-of-the-art and completely digitised.

Brendan Londt, Country Manager for RMAA SA says “Over the years it has been an absolute privilege to work with  Ford Motor Company SA and we look forward to another exciting chapter in the new facility.”